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Being part of the NHC family where quality is both a reality and a destination, The Villages of Jackson Creek strives to provide the best care possible.

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Throughout our center, every service is designed to help residents achieve and maintain the highest level of well being.

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What people have to say about
Villages of Jackson Creek
"The personal attention is nothing short of incredible. There is a true feeling of making your stay there as pleasant and productive as possible." - Sarah S.
"Since my mom arrived at NHC, she is a different person and so thrilled to be here. For the first time in years, we know mom is happy and it is because of the staff at NHC." - Cheryl Z.
"The staff has a very compassionate and warm attitude with patients and their families. They go the extra mile to make things the best they can be. I‘m so glad we came here." - John F.

Villages of Jackson Creek  ·  3980 South Jackson Drive  ·  Independence, MO   64057  ·  P: (816) 795-1433  ·  F: (816) 503-3206


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